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Strategy without research is just an idea.

UX Research and Design Testing will help navigate your strategic planning to the sweet spot where your organizational goals, user needs, and tech capabilities can harmonize into a practical, executable roadmap.

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What I bring to the party

I have served the UX needs of commercial, enterprise, and non-profit organizations for over 20 years, first as an interaction designer, then as a UX researcher, and it still makes me happy to make life easier for my clients and their users.

I get executive stakeholders, designers, and engineers on the same page by providing and socializing data-informed strategic insights and recommendations for products, services, and both internal and user workflows.

Core Capabilities:

  • Experience Strategy

  • User and Stakeholder Research

  • Information Design and Architecture

  • UX Writing

  • Design Testing & QA

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Discussion Mediation

I employ a variety of domain-agnostic, project-appropriate qualitative research methods, then synthesize quantitative data into my findings in order to provide a full picture for strategic planning. 

  • Discovery Research

    • Get consensus on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) from stakeholders

    • Define project goals 

    • Define target users

    • Conduct task and workflow analyses​​

    • Define competitive landscape

    • Establish baselines for user traffic and behavioral data

  • Generative Research​​

    • Ideate new concepts

    • Define product/service requirements

    • Categorize content

    • Define taxonomies and nomenclature

    • Explore interaction patterns

  • Evaluative Research

    • Conduct heuristic analysis

    • Validate product/service desirability​

    • Validate design/feature choices

    • Track customer satisfaction scores

    • Evaluate user traffic and behavioral data against baselines

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