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A small sampling of projects, challenges, approaches, and outcomes.

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Surpassing the Joneses
Validating an Aggregate Mobile News Experience Against the Competition

How a simple 10-week heuristic evaluation and competitive analysis validated previous design choices and re-directed SmartNews' design strategy for 2023.

State of CA, Child Welfare Digital Services

Crying in the Bathroom
How a Government Software Project Evolved into Service Design

State Social Workers managing the worst day of a child's life had their emotional burdens and work hours doubled  by digital obstacles to critical data, fragile legacy systems that required  paper-based workarounds, and limited connectivity in the field.

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Women's Foundation of California

No Leaving Money On The Table
Engaging a New Generation of Donors

This incredible organization supports the people creating better public policy and non-profit programs for women and girls in California and needed help presenting their content to attract and serve a broader spectrum of donors and other users.


Developer, Heal Thyself
Resolving Team Dysfunction to Deliver a First-to-Market Telehealth Clinic

Long before the pandemic, Health Partners envisioned a more pragmatic way to provide better patient care and lower the overhead for treating common minor health issues.  But an interactive agency working on their first-ever application development project suffered from confusion, distrust, and low morale.

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Ubisoft Games

No Big Bosses
How Home Page Research Unified a Distributed Gaming Company 

UX Researchers can serve as wonderful diplomats. See how a chaotic home page publishing process with multiple competitive stakeholders was transformed into a streamlined and equitable one by my work with Catalyst Innovation Partners.

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